Nina Löchle

My career to date has exposed me to many facets of fashion & design. This has enabled me to develop versatility across a mutlitude of product areas as well as shaping my creative design style.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fashion Design from the reputable University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, I started off working for high fashion house  Sibilla Pavenstedt designing across one-off bridal and evening wear. I came to the UK in 2003 and have since developed my professional experience within the high street segment of the market. I had the opportunity to design for a broad range of retailers and have a proven track record creating bestselling products for clients such as Marks & Spencer, Wallis, Oasis, John Lewis, Alex & Co, Jaques Vert, Ann Harvey, New Look, Dororthy Perkins, Topshop & A-wear.

Having worked closely with European and Far Eastern suppliers, I have gained the expertise to create accurate design briefs that lead to flawless prototypes. I have built an extensive business network sourcing trims & fabrics from across the globe. Furthermore I am fully proficient in CAD packages such as Photoshop & Illustrator.

My daily/hourly rates depend on the requirements and nature of each assignment. To get a quote please complete the form on the contact page and I will be in touch immediately to discuss any projects in detail.
“I have a strong creative vision and am passionate about what I do. I enjoy every aspect of the design process and bring genuine enthusiasm into each assignment along with a fresh pair of eyes, a positive attitude and a down to earth, hands on approach.”