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Roni Horn in the Tate modern

27.03.2009 19:01

Just been to see it and it is absolutely amazing.

Roni Horn
The way the artist worked things and the very feminine colouring were amazing particularly the pink cube looked stunning and the gold on gold sheets with the warm glowing light reflection that repesented an allegory of love. Also the fantastic painting by numbers arrangements of blood vessel like forms that are cut up an rearranged. The island pictures made huge impact, apart form everything being very considered and multi dimensional it all had an incredible amount of taste and true artistry.
I loved the map of iceland with cuttings of type written statements of what the artist experienced in this place. Then this frame work was taken and placed on a blank sheet of paper and this emerged into its own from putting each phrase into perspective to each other.
Concept and brainstorming words on the floor, describing the weather. And above all poetry incorporated into it all my favourite being the very first display....The mind is such a new place...last night feels obsolete...
The images of water, photos that look like chiseled in stone, like sculptures.
And last the woman emerging from water...such a sensual and erotic piece, the way she is looking at the spectator sometimes confident, then vulnerable and then again quizzical, then relaxed.

This makes me want to work again more with the concept of repetition as a reinforcement and means to influence viewers and with poetry put onto objects and thus transcending the meaning. Poetry on garments or linings, signifying hidden meanings, or being an allegory for irony.
Developing my own graphics and textile designs based on the painting by numbers principle, the arrangement of objects. Repeating the photo of a loved one with various expressions.

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